3 Simple Hacks to Saving More Money

maxresdefaultSaving money may not be as simple as ABC but it’s no rocket science either. And if others can do it then so can you. Sometimes it’s all a matter of making little tweaks to your lifestyle that can lead to extra savings with minimal effort. If you’re ready to make changes for a better personal finance, below are simple hacks you can try.

Use cash for a month

We’ve all been used to shopping with credit cards. The habit, unfortunately, is one surefire way to overspend. If you want to save more money, you might want to try to use cash for a month. The difference between living on credit cards and cash can be astounding and you just have to give it a try to find out for yourself.

Adapt the envelope system

Since you’ve committed to using cash for all your purchases then might just as well adapt the envelope system. This system may be archaic for some but it still works like a charm. What you need to do is categorize your expenses then set aside the specific amount for each on respective envelopes.

Make realistic lists and follow through

Whether you’re shopping for groceries, clothes or anything else, making a list helps. But don’t just stop with writing a list. The more important thing is to stick with your list as much as possible. Leave room for flexibility but when shopping just bring the respective envelope to avoid overspending.

Eat healthy

Another way to save more money out of your food and medical expenses is to start eating healthy. Not only will you lose weight if you’re trying but you’ll also have a healthier wellbeing all in all. By eating healthy it also means dining out less and eating in your home more. Preparing your own lunch for when you’re at work is also a great money-saver.